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Gaining an overview - a summary of the family´s history

Our family has its origin in the town of Frankenhausen at the southern slopes of the Harz mountains. Teuthorns have been mentioned there already in the middle of the 16th century with the forms Tütehorn and Düthorn. But only the branch in the beginning of which stands Joachim Teuthorn continues existing up to present times.

It is thanks to the the 1843 edition of Archidiakon Wippermann: "Stammtafeln der in der Stadt Frankenhausen größtenteils schon seit längerer Zeit heimisch gewesenen Familien [...] Teuthorn [...]" that I know most of the family´s data before 1850. I am happy to possess one well preserved specimen of that edition. In the meantime this knowllege has been considerably enlarged by own research.

In Frankenhausen most of the time the Teuthorns stood out among others by profession and social position. They were city treasurers, mayors, soap makers, brewers and producers of salt, the "white gold", but also shoemakers and tanners.

1835 Wilhelm Günther Teuthorn left Frankenhausen, moved northward to Kiel, then capital of Holstein, and settled there as a surgeon. The family stayed living there until the beginning of the 20th century. Between 1890 and 1894 four of his grandchildren emigrated from Kiel to America and settled in Chicago. Their youngest brother followed them in 1895, but continued migration 4 years later to German Southwest Africa, today's Namibia. When during World War I Germany lost this region to the British Empire the new power forced him to leave his country in 1919. Back in Germany he went to Greifswald, city in the german state of Vorpommern.

It was not before 2001 that internet communication succeded to get in contact with descendants of the Kiel emigrants.

But the earliest emigrants were Wilhelm Günther´s older brother, the doctor Johann Christian David Teuthorn (then 53 years old) and his son Heinrich Ottomar Theodor. Together they went from Frankenhausen to America already in 1848. Ottomar's sister Pauline followed to the U.S. in 1859. But she went to meet and marry Gunther Schroter in rush town Shasta, CA.
1850 und 1854 two brothers from the Leipzig branch emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts. Whether there still live descendants of those Teuthorns is not quite clear. But there are traces of more Teuthorns in the U.S. and there is great probability that those cannot be connected to the Kiel branch. For more details see list of all known emigrants.

Male Teuthorns in Germany still live in Greifswald, Neheim-Hüsten, Gilching and München, in the U.S. in and around Chicago and in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, and some other places not yet known to me. - It is less than prophecy that the name Teuthorn will exist more numerous and for al longer time in the United States than on the old continent.

© Peter Teuthorn, March and September 2002

A revision of the German version of this text was made in December 2002. Mainly participation in the last battle of the Bauernkrieg from 1525, immatriculation of Teuthorns in several universities and early emigration within Germany are new. Exercised professions and the destinations after heaving left Frankenhausen are mentioned. All this and the shortly found traces of emigration to Chile have not yet been integrated into this version.

Peter Teuthorn, Dec. 2002

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