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From Thuringian Frankenhausen into the World

St. John's church

Frankenhausen - Unterkirche
(Downtown church)

Bad Frankenhausen - View to the Oberkirche (Upper Church)

Chicago - St. Joseph´s Church


This website is a work in progress. The result shall form a common memory of the whole family. Allthough good results can be proudly presented by the German version, there continues the ambitious target, to put family data in context with German and U.S. history. The intention is a coloured picture of family´s history related to historical and social background. For examples see link <Geschichte/History> in the head line navigation.
As most of the original work will be in German, American members of family and friends are asked for patience. Not all texts will be available in English from the beginning, probably some of them never will be translated.

Coat of arms
Emigration from Frankenhausen, Leipzig and Kiel to U.S. - Table
The Family´s history (several essays)
Foto Gallery
History, English texts in <Geschichte>
Map of Germany and the Länder (states)
Places & Maps
Redeemer Church Cupertino, CA
Ships transporting emigrants
The Suphan Family from the town of Frankenhausen. Emigration to NY.
Teuthorns in Kiel / buildings / Life in the city

It is worth while discovering the Church of Esperstedt or that of Leck, where Wilhelm Friedr. Otto Teuthorn married Fanny Nagel.

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